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On my to-do list (among other things)

Version history

8.4.2022 Version 36: Handling of re-rating books improved

25.3.2022 Version 35: Several reading challenges added + visual representation of ratings

9.3.2022 Version 34: Helmet Reading Challenge 2022 added

13.5.2021 Version 33: Helmet Reading Challenge 2021 incorporated

8.10.2020 Version 32: Small cosmetic updates on various pages

23.6.2020 Version 31: If you rate a book you have previously marked as not interesting, the previous entry is deleted.

4.5.2020 Version 30: Original-language books and translations combined in recommendations

27.4.2020 Version 29: Books with several ratings given more weight

3.3.2020 Version 28: Notification if you try to rate a book you have already rated before

13.1.2020 Version 27: Functionality for administrator to send email to registered users

28.12.2019 Version 26: Bug fix in navigation bar; rated books and personal details divided more logically, and both pages can be accessed from the user menu in the navigation bar; giveaway announcement added to home page

16.12.2019 Version 25: Author search on Explore page, sorting of own ratings by date/author and ascending/descending

14.12.2019 Version 24: Improved algorithm on Personalized page, menu reorganisation

19.11.2019 Version 23: Improved algorithm on Personalized page, bug fix with Not Interested button

5.11.2019 Version 22: Bug fix to changing the language, home page rewriting

4.11.2019 Version 21: Functionality added to detach a child's data into an independent user

28.10.2019 Version 20: New front page where you can quickly get a list of top books for a given age even without logging in. Regrouping of menu items.

10.10.2019 Version 19: Missing author name bug fix on the Add Rating page

5.10.2019 Version 18: Autocompletion on the Add Rating page

18.9.2019 Version 17: Version History page changed to Development and to-do list added

16.9.2019 Version 16: Language selection menu added

19.8.2019 Version 15: "Not Interested" button added

9.8.2019 Version 14: Recommendations based on other users' ratings (user-user collaborative filtering)

3.8.2019 Version 13: Possibility to delete a rating and leave a group

24.7.2019 Version 12: Edit child profile bug fix, version history

23.7.2019 Version 11: Group functionality

16.7.2019 Version 10: Feedback page

12.7.2019 Version 9: Improved user experience on Add Rating page

8.7.2019 Version 8: UI improvement

6.7.2019 Version 7: Code cleaning

5.7.2019 Version 6: Database improvements

4.7.2019 Version 5: Author page added

30.6.2019 Version 4: Statistics and Privacy pages

27.6.2019 Version 3: Navigation buttons also at the top of book lists on Index and Explore pages.

25.6.2019 Version 2: Rating averages and numbers of ratings added to books on Home and Explore pages.

18.6.2019 Version 1: Woot! First version out.